About our guild

Architecture students at the University of Oulu started the Oulu Guild of Architecture in 1959. The founding students wanted the guild to look out for its member’s best interests, both at school and in their free time. Nearly all architecture students at the University of Oulu are members of the guild. The involvement and enthusiasm of students are the most important assets in the functioning of the guild.

As is common in our field of study, the environment and environmental policies are important to us. We would like to invite discussion about improving the environment here in Oulu in terms of urban planning, building preservation, and by supporting cultural organisations with similar ideals.

A general assembly is held yearly where all members present at the meeting elect guild representatives. Together with the Oulun Teekkariyhdistys (OTY, a larger guild for all students in technical fields), and the Oulu University board of students, the Guild of Architecture aims to improve our methods and standards of education. The guild organizes events that students can attend in their spare time, such as Barbaric Bacchanal-party and the annual guild Christmas party.

The Guild House is located in Pikisaari, where a weekly sauna evening is organized. In addition to these, the guild is involved in the publication of several student magazines; however, for now these are published in Finnish.

You can check the guild international contact of the page “Hallitus“.